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Talko is a module emulating the well-known LPC synthesis, meaning it is specialized in speech synthesis. It can play back single sounds and phonemes, certain words and even entire phrases which are saved in 17 banks. - Everything with wonderfully raw 8 Bit charme.
But besides classic sound generation it can even do more as its Repeat mode changes the module's priority from speech to rhythm, which is great for creative chopping of speech. A VCO mode is available too, which can also produce noise.



The module has three main modes of operation:
In SPEECH mode a speech will be generated when a gate is active and can be re-triggered only after the speech is finished. Speech has priority.
In REPEAT mode the speech will only then be generated when the gate is "high" and the signal can loop.
In VCO mode the sound is being looped as long as the gate is "high". Instead tones it can also produce noise.

BANK selecht one of 17 sound banks and SOUND chooses the sound within the bank. PITCH alters the frequency, SPEES the rate of readout. BEND has a circuit bending effect but only then this mode has been activated with the bend switch. All parameters, except BANK, are voltage controllable.

Look at the manual and watch the video for a detailed description of the different sound banks. - The repertoire is updated permanently via firmware updates.


gate input, audio output
CV inputs: Sound, Pitch, Speed, Bend


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 30mm deep

current draw: 65mA at +12V. The module can be powered via USB (jumper selectable).

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