Polyend + Dreadbox - Medusa


Medusa features a hybrid synthesizer with monophonic and paraphonic modes of operation. Additionally, there is a button grid, which can be used as either a sequencer or a 3D control surface. More detailed, the instrument is equipped with three analog and three digital oscillators, a noise generator, a multimode filter and a VCA. Furthermore, you’ll find five extensively equipped LFOs and five DADSR envelopes with loop mode. The sequencer can not only record notes, but parameter values and preset changes as well. The instrument’s 64 pads may be used as a “keyboard” with pressure-sensitive X and Y axis.


  • 3 Digital wavetable oscillators
  • 3 Synchronisable analog oscillators, each with four classic waveforms
  • Classic 24dB dreadbox analog filter with 3 different types (2-pole. LP, 4-pole. LP, HP)
  • 5 Independent LFO's
  • Three different modes: monophonic, paraphonic x 3, paraphonic x 6
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • LED button
  • 64 customizable and precisely playable silicone pads
  • 3 Sequencer modes: Step, Live and Incremental
  • 128 independent memories for sequences and sound presets
  • 2 OLED displays
  • mixer for all seven voices (analog, digital and noise)
  • 5 independent and loopable DADSR envelopes
Audio input and output
Headphone output
USB port
MIDI input, output and thru
49 x 20.5 x 5 centimeters
2.3 kg
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