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With the Perc Pro, you can add an acoustic drummer to your setup. In contrast to the counterpart made of flesh and blood, this drum system always plays tight and never gets tired. In addition, Perc Pro doesn’t mind to play everyday items instead of kick, snare, cymbal and so forth. – Bottles, cans or sheets of metal. Lots of stuff works great as a percussion instrument. Simply connect your MIDI or CV / gate equipment and start experimenting. – A great novelty with enormous creative potential!



Perc Pro consists of a control unit, three aluminum beaters and accessories. The drum system makes it possible to play rhythms created with a hardware sequencer or computer on real percussion instruments. – Or on household items, trash, stuff found on a flea market and so forth. Your imagination is the limit.

The control unit features three CV and three gate inputs for triggering drums with variable velocity. MIDI data can be fed in via a DIN connector or an USB port. A learn function makes setting up the control unit easy as pie. Since an entire MIDI DIN trio is built-in, several Perc Pro systems can be daisy-chained. Five-pin sockets are used for connecting the beaters. Cables are included in delivery. Furthermore, the Perc Pro package contains three flexibly adjustable clamps made of metal. They can be used to attach the beaters to, for example, drum instruments, microphone stands or a chair and align them accurately. The distance to the drums should not exceed 5.5 centimeters. – That’s how long the small “drum sticks” are, which pop out of the beaters’ ball heads when trigger signals are received. The Perc Pro system comes with three different beaters. One features an aluminum “drum stick”, the others are equipped with wooden respectively silicon sticks.

The drum instruments shown in some of the pictures are not included.

Control unit
Three CV and three gate inputs
MIDI DIN input, output and thru channel
Three five-pin sockets for connecting the beaters

1.6 kg
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