Push Turn Move


Explore the world of electronic music – Push Turn Move introduces the reader to the concepts of pioneering musical instruments and their creators. 352 pages, full of expert knowledge, photos, illustrations and design studies, wait to be discovered. Special attention is paid to the user interfaces and thus the connection between musician and machine. The foreword was written by Jean-Michel Jarre. In the course of the book, many other well-known artists, designers and manufacturers have their say. – 100 % worth reading!


Push Turn Move celebrates the art and science of interface design in electronic music. The book sheds light on the functional, artistic, philosophical and aesthetic facets of operating concepts used in synthesizers, samplers, modular systems, drum computers, sequencers, controllers, DAWs and apps. Many well-known artists, designers and inventors have contributed to Push Turn Move, including Jean-Michel Jarre, Dorit Chrysler, Suzanne Ciani, Richard Devine, DiViNCi, Laura Escudé, Ean Golden, Axel Hartmann, Larry Heard, Roger Linn, Keith McMillen, Moldover, Jordan Rudess, Dave Smith and Tatsuya Takahashi. On top of that, manufacturers such as Ableton, Arturia, DJ TechTools, Elektron, Korg, Make Noise, monome, Moog, Native Instruments, Novation, Propellerhead, Roland, Teenage Engineering, and Yamaha have their say.

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