Qu-Bit Electronix - Chance


Chance is an extremely flexible random voltage generator and noise source. The module not only generates classic, stepped and smooth random voltages, but signals based on wavetables as well. Additionally, there are rhythm, burst and clock outputs as well as connectors emitting analog plus digital noise. The circuit can be influenced via potentiometers and CV inputs in various ways. Using the Chance’s freeze function, it is possible to hold control signals indefinitely. Coin Toss jumbles all voltage values around.



Chance is equipped with nine outputs, which emit the following signals:

  • Stepped and smooth random voltages.
  • Wavetable and Blend material, which is produced based on digital wave sets and interpolation. Users can crossfade between individual waves via a potentiometer and a CV input.
  • Random gate bursts.
  • Rhythm trigger voltages, which can be influenced via a CV input plus attenuator.
  • White and digital noise.
  • Clock signals with CV controllable rate.

The outputs of stepped and smooth random voltages as well as wavetable and blend signals feature bipolar attenuators. A clock input makes it possible to synchronize the Chance with other gear. The module’s freeze function can be controlled via a button or a gate connector. Coin Toss allows the user to manually activate the modules random algorithms.


Smooth, discrete, wavetable and blend outputs
Clock, burst, white (noise), digital (noise) and rhythm outputs
Clock, clock CV, blend CV and rhythm CV inputs
Freeze gate input

3U Eurorack module, 14 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases

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