Qu-Bit Electronix - Chord


Four-voice polyphonic digital oscillator specialized in generating chords - triads and tetrads - and featuring voltage controlled voicing, inversion and quality. In harmonize mode the module uses the 1V/octave voltage to create automatically diatonic or modal chords. Besides individual VCO outputs the module also has a mix output. The waveforms can be morphed.



The module's pitch is set for all oscillators simultaneously with coarse and fine tune controls and it can be played tonally via the 1V/oct input.
The first VCO (root) generates the root tone of the chord, hence its name. The second VCO (3rd) is one third interval above; the third VCO (5th) is another third higher and finally the last oscillator (7th) is another third above. The signals of each oscillator is available at an individual output yet there also is a mix output.
The triad button determines whether 7th is added to the mix output or not.
There are four waveforms betweeen which you can morph manually and via CV: sine, triangle, sawtooth and square.

Voicing sets the chord voicing, i.e. if its notes are spread within one or more octaves.

  • Close: the three voices are so close that they fit into one octave.
  • Drop 2: the second highest voice is played one octave lower.
  • Drop 3: the third highest voice is transposed one octave down.
  • Spread: The lowest voice is transposed one octave down and the highest voice one octave up.

Inversion determines the inversion of the chord.

  • Root: The root note is the lowest note of the chord
  • First: The third highest note (3rd) becomes the lowest note of the chord
  • Second: Die second highest one (5th) is the lowest note of the chord
  • Third: Die highest note (7th) becomes the lowest note of the chord

Quality choses the chord quality:

  • maj 7: major chord
  • min 7: minor chord
  • dom 7: dominant chord; the 7th is played one semitone lower
  • half dim i.e. hald diminuished: all notes except the root note are played one semitone lower..

Harmonize analyzes the 1/V-octave voltage and derives from each of the 12 semitone CV values a chord, thus generating kind of a bassline.


1V/octave input
CV inputs: waveform, voicing, inversion and quality
outputs: root, 3rd, 5th, 7th, mix


3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide, 23mm deep
current draw: 122mA at +12V and 10mA at -12V

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