Qu-Bit Electronix - Mixology


Well sounding stereo mixer for little money – The Mixology offers four channels with panorama, level, mute and solo functions. An aux path with stereo return allows the user to comfortably add an effects processor to his / her setup. Lots of parameters can be influenced via control voltages. Thanks to high-quality VCAs, the Mixology sounds clean and natural. Activating the mute or solo functions does not result in clicks.



The Mixology’s channel strips each feature an audio input, potentiometers for feeding signals to the Aux path and adjusting the panorama position, a level fader as well as solo and mute buttons. The circuit amplifies incoming material by +3 dB. LEDs visualize the position in the stereo field. CV inputs make it possible to modulate the send, level and pan parameters. The master channel comes equipped with two LED meters (four LEDs each) and a volume fader. For tapping off signals, there are two main outputs (left / right). The Aux channel offers one send connector and two returns. Therefore, adding a stereo effects processor to a setup is not a problem with the Mixology.


Per channel:
Audio input
Level, Send and Pan CV inputs

Main section: Two master outputs (left / right)
Aux send and two return connectors

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