Qu-Bit Electronix - Nebulae 2


Nebulae is a modern stereo granular sampler offering a wide range of functions. Audio files can be recorded directly or fed to the module via a USB flash drive. Besides separate knobs for altering the pitch and playback speed, there are potentiometers for adjusting window shape, window size, cloud density, playback start-point and overlap plus blend parameters. Furthermore, there are transport, file management and freeze functions. All parameters can be voltage controlled. A 1 v / octave input is available as well. In use, Nebulae shines with versatile, high-resolution sound.



Nebulae supports the following file formats:

  • .wav
  • .aif
  • .ogg
  • .flac

The module can be equipped with alternate firmware files. The following programs may serve as a platform for creating your own algorithms:

  • Pure Data
  • Csound
  • Super Collider

Two audio inputs
1 v / octave input
Pulse input
Seven CV inputs for Start, Density, Blend, Speed, Window, Overlap and Size parameters
Five trigger respectively gate inputs for controlling Record, Next, Source, Reset and Freeze functions
Two audio outputs


3U Eurorack module

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