Qu-Bit Electronix - Tone


Tone is a quad Cascade OTA filter with a slope of -24 dB per octave. The module features a low-pass and a band-pass output per channel. Each filter can be edited individually via cutoff and resonance potentiometers. Additionally, there are CV inputs plus attenuators, which influence the frequency parameters. Thanks to v/octave tracking, it is possible to utilize the filters as sine VCOs while self-oscillating. The Tone’s sound is warm and creamy. - Perfect for polyphonic patches or complex, parallel signal processing.



The Tone’s four filters feature an identical design. Each channel comes equipped with an audio input, cutoff and resonance potentiometers as well as a low-pass and a band-pass output. Additionally, each filter offers a CV input plus attenuator for modulating the cutoff parameter. With the right settings, users are able to play the Tone circuits like sine VCOs while self-oscillating. The pitch tracking is stable in a range of four octaves.


Per filter:
Audio input
CV input
Low-pass and band-pass outputs


3U Eurorack module, 18 HP wide, 34 mm in depth

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