Qu-Bit Electronix - Tri-Ger


Give your beats a human, unquantized feel and use your fingers to tap on the Tir-Ger's three fat arcade buttons to record and to loop gate patterns with a length of maximum 33 seconds. Apply drum rolls to the recording, overdub it, punch in and out or mute individual tracks.
A clock is being generated by the module as well and it depends on the recording length and the tempo control's position. The clock can be divided and adjusted by the tempo control.



Each of the three arcade buttons generates a 10V gate at it's according output, even when the module is not recording i.e. you can use it as a triple manual gate ... well the module can do so much more:

Let's start with the recording: Press REC button and let's go. The recording starts not before a channel button has been pressed. Stop recording by depessing REC one more time. The loop will play instantly.
You can overdub the recording: press REC while the loop is playing, hit the channel buttons and press REC again.
You can also do momentary punch-in recording at certain poínts of the recording, e.g. to record single notes. Press and hold REC while you are playing and stop punch-in recording by letting go the REC button.
Add drum rolls by pressing the roll button and playing a channel button. The unquantized roll rate can be set with a potentiometer and modulated by CVs (0-5V)
Retrigger rewinds the playback to it's beginning. Play/Pause, Retrigger and Roll can be activated by gate signals as well.

ALT button allows for further functions:

  • Mute: press ALT and press the according channel button to mute it.
  • turn drum rolls on or off: press ALT and double-tap the channel button.
  • change clock pulse width: press ALT and turn the roll rate potentiometer.

The module derives a clock from the length of the recording which is visualized by eight LEDs as bars and beats.
Influence the generated clock with the "tempo" and "clock division" parameters. Attention: these potentiometers' positions are recorded as well! If you want to fine-tune the tempo both up and down: just set the tempo pot to center position when recording. Both parameters can be voltage controlled with CVs from 0V to 5V.

A pity that you can't synchronize the recorded sequence to a clock, that would be ideal. But considered as intuitive tactile master clock generator and pattern recorder the Tri-Ger is great and unique.


Multiple Tri-Gers are infinitely chainable. When chained, the slave unit's loop duration, tempo, and playback state will be synced to the host unit. This allows for 3 more channels per every additional slave Tri-ger. This is done by reconfiguring jumpers and connecting a cable from the host unit to the slave unit on the back of each module.


gate inputs: retrigger, play/pause, roll
clock out, three trigger outputs
CV inputs: clock division, tempo, roll rate


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide, Skiff friendly 40mm deep
max. power consumption: 89,7mA @ +12V and 37,8mA @ -12V

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