Qu-Bit Electronix - Wave


The Wave is a voltage controlled, polyphonic sample player. It is designed for the simultaneous playback of high fidelity audio files. Each channel has its own varispeed pitch control, allowing for countless permutations of the original sample. Each unit ships with a microSD card replete with drum hits, synth sounds, vocal samples, and more, ready to get you patching immediately. From drum machine to full-blown music production system, the Wave opens up a whole new world of sounds within your Eurorack modular.



Each channel of the Wave can load four banks of four samples which equals 16 samples per channel or 64 samples for the entire module.

To access banks you have to press trigger buttons 2 and 3 and hold them for five seconds until all trigger buttons will blink. With trigger buttons 1-4 you select the corresponding bank. The change of banks affects all channels!

Zur Auswahl der Bänke muss man die Triggertaster der Kanäle 2 und 3 drücken und fünf Sekunden lang halten, bis alle Triggertaster anfangen zu blinken. Mit dem jeweiligen Triggertaster wählst du nun die gewünschte Bank aus. Der Bankwechsel wirkt sich auf alle Kanäle aus!

Readable file format: .wav files with 44.1kHz sampling rate and 16bit resolution. The files shouldn't contain meta-files.

File naming convention: the first three characters of the file name must represent the letter of the bank, the number of the channel and number for the file respectively.
For example: B32filename.wav means bank B, channel 3 and file number 2. The filename is a text between 4th character and file name extension which can include special characters and characters.
Bank letter can be lower- or uppercase.


per channel: trigger input, file CV input, pitch CV input, audio output


3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide, 23mm deep
maximum current draw: 117mA at +12V and 7mA at -12V

0.257 kg
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