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At first glance it seems to be "just" an ultra-precise dual CV processor (with attenuversion, offset and slew) and a voltage controllable crossfader but if you look closer you'll realize it's a perfect tool for playing the control voltages like a DJ and to interact with them - this makes much fun with the rock-solid mechanics like the fader. Also it is possible to process audio signals by the most functions and all that in highest audio quality.



Each channel has one input, gain control, aux output, offset control, slur control and one output, exactly in this order. The channels are identical besides the top "active" switch which belongs to channel A (see below).

The gain section is a configurable attenuverter and can be used totally individually by utilizing the "Aux Output" which is located before the offset. The rest of the channel is available for other applications.
The "RNG" switch sets the range (or: the amplification factor) of the gain control:

  • up: unipolar, 0 to -1
  • center: unipolar, 0 to 1
  • down: bipolar, -1 to +1
If nothing is patched to the input, a fixed +5V voltage is injected into the channel by normalization.

"Offset" adds a DC offset voltage to the signal, its range is jumper selectable."Slur" is a Slew-Limiter, allowing for a maximum glide time of 23 seconds.
An LED at the outut displays the intensity and the polarity: blue = negative, green = zero, red = positive.

About the "active" switch: In the signal flow it is located directly before the Slur control of channel A. It is practical for quick switching between settings or different normalled voltages, for manual event triggering , for quick monitoring or for bypassing effects.

  • zero: off setting. Normalled to 0V.
  • bypass: omits Gain, Aux-Out and Offset, routing the input or the normalized +5V directly into "Slur".
  • active: the signal passes the entire channel including Gain and Offset.

The crossfader blends between channels A, B and/or external signals, latter being injected directly into the crossfader via the "XF IN A" and "XF IN B" sockets. Just like a DJ crossfader this control is a real fader. A LED above it lights up in green when the fader is exactly at center position. Of course audio signalles can be crossfaded, as well as CVs, the normalized voltages, different trigger sources and so on.
The crossfading can be voltage controlled via the "XF CV" input (5Vpp or 10Vpp, jumper selectable). The fader position is added to the CV..


inputs A & B, outputs A & B, aux outputs A & B, MIX output
crossfader inputs A & B, crossfade CV input


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide. 55mm deep
current draw: 70mA at +/-12V

0.25 kg
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