Radikal Technologies - RT-311 Swarm Oscillator


The DSP-based RT-311 is a dual, storable oscillator with morphable waveforms and various functions exceeding conventional VCOs. The PWM afffects all wave forms, the Swarm function generates up to sixteen detuned copies of the waveform(s) which can easily be tuned to fixed intervals. The parameter settings can be memorized in eight snapshots between which you can interpolate, for instance using the internal LFO.
Soundwise it can a lot, from classic VCO tones over chords, drones and clusters to ultra-wide "super waves" made with any waveform.



The left oscillator's frequency can be tuned directly to octaves and semitones if needed, for the right oscillator you set the octave and detune. Both are playd tonally via the 1V/octave input. The Scale control can quantize the voltage at the 1V/oct input to different musical scales, though.
Each VCO is equipped with it's own linear FM input (FM-O1 and FM-O2) with attenuator. Oscillator synchronisation between the two oscillators ist managed with a button.
Waveform-wise each of the RT-311's oscillators is able to morph from sine over triangle and sine to pulse. Where other oscillators allow only for setting the width of the pulse wave the RT-311 offers the TLM parameter (time linearity modulation) which alters the width of ANY wave form.

The eponymous Swarm function generates an detunable oscillator cloud. The number of oscillator clones is set with Density and the detune with Spread.
Per VCO up to eight waveforms are generated, ergo a dense cloud of up to 16 detuned oscillators is generated when both oscillators are merged using the Mix control. It is possible to quantize the intervals between the oscillator copies to certain chords.

Each of the eight memory banks allows for saving maximum eight snapshots of parameter settings and thus different sounds or chords! Using interpolation is is possible to blend between all snapshots of a bank in different ways, from hard jumps to smooth morphings, as you like. For interpolation a CV at the Speed/Position inptu can be used or the integrated voltage controllable LFO.
The Data control generates a fixed, adjustable voltage which is emitted at the Data socket. It can be patched to any parameter of another module, saved via snapshots and morphed as well, meaning you can morph external parameters as well!

Press the Manual button and the Swarm Oscillator overrides all loaded parameters and uses only the current potentiometer setting (WYSIWYG).


inputs: 1V/octave, FM-O1, FM-O2, speed, position
outputs: data, out 1 out 2


3U Eurorack module, 32HP wide, 30mm deep
current draw: 250mA at +12V and 40mA at -12V

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