Random Source - Serge Divide by N Comparator NCOM


The NCOM is an essential module of the Serge world. It features a comparator, which can be used, for example, as a logic circuit, a rectifier or a pulse width modulator. Furthermore, a pulse divider with additional staircase waveform output is implemented. It can be utilized as a clock divider, sub oscillator, arpeggiator or modulator. – A classic module for creative minds.



The Random*Source version of the ÷N COM for Eurorack is a licensed and authorized adaption of the original Serge design. Compared to the original module it features a precision voltage source for increased accuracy and two added attenuators.

The module provides a comparator on the right side and a voltage controlled pulse divider on the left side.

The ÷N output sends out a pulse on every N-th comparator pulse where N is a number from 1 to 31. This value is set with the divider’s control knob and can be adjusted using a control voltage. The VC potentiometer determines how much effect the control voltage has on „N“. Additionally, the divider generates a staircase waveform with N steps. This can be used to produce whole-tone steps when run into the 1V/Oct input of a VCO or as a stepped control voltage.

The comparator offers various functions:

- Logic function (if the +input is greater than the -input, the output will be high, otherwise low)

- Level dectection (whenever a variable waveform crosses the theshold, a pulse is generated )

- Pulse width modulation / Rectifying a waveform


Inputs: In+ and In-
Outputs: +Out, CMP Out, Step Out


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 40 mm in depth
Power consumption: 20 mA at +12 V, 18 mA at -12 V

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