Random Source - Serge Ring


The Ring module produces crisp amplitude and ring modulation effects. Its sound is extremely clean and not colored at all. Thus, results sound very transparent. The module breathes, so to speak. Thanks to the integrated wave shaping, the Serge circuit delivers an exceptionally wide range of timbres. Softly wafting to hard-modulated results can be achieved with the help of a CV input.



The Ring circuit was developed by Serge Tcherepnin for Random Source in 2017. – 40 years after the Serge modular system first saw the light of day. It is an improved version of the late Serge Ring Modulator R9. According to Mr. Tcherepnin, Ring is one of his most sophisticated modules. The circuit has a very transparent sound character with extremely low background noise. Unwanted colorations, distortion or pump effects, as known from most ring modulators, are not audible. The module’s signal inputs can be adjusted in volume. If the level potentiometer of the carrier channel is turned to values above 50%, Ring starts to introduce wave shaping, meaning signals are rounded off and new harmonics are added. Thanks to a CV input plus attenuator, this process can be influenced by, for instance, a LFO or an envelope. With another knob you can fade from no effect to amplitude modulation and finally full ring modulation. Results are emitted via two outputs.


Two audio inputs (Signal and Carrier)
CV input
Two audio outputs


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 40 mm in depth

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