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Combine the sound of classic Serge amplifier designs with audiophile NJR Muses OP amps plus THAT2180 VCA chips and you get: The Equal Power Stereo Mixer. The module features two channels with voltage controllable gain and pan parameters. Thanks to its aux inputs, it is possible to feed up to four signals to the circuit. Alternatively, several mixers can be daisy-chained. High gain settings result in roaring overdrive. Balanced outputs allow direct connection to line equipment.



The Equal Power Stereo Mixer is equipped with two identical channel strips. Audio signals received at the main inputs (In 1 / In 2) can be edited via gain and panorama potentiometers. CV connectors plus attenuators allow you to modulate both parameters. Furthermore, there is an auxiliary input per channel. Audio material fed in here is not influenced by the gain and pan controls, but transferred to the output section with unity gain.

The output section consists of left and right channel. In addition to 1/8” connectors with modular level, 1/4"connectors with line level were implemented. This means that the Equal Power Stereo Mixer can serve as an analog interface.

In use, the module shines with powerful, yet clean analog sound. High levels, however, lead to roaring overdrive.


Per channel:
Main and Aux audio input
Gain and pan CV inputs
Balanced 1/4" line output
Minijack output


3U Eurorack module, 18 HP wide, 40 mm in depth
Power consumption: 100 mA at +12 V, 100 mA at -12 V

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