Random Source - Serge Triple+ Waveshaper (TWS+)


The Serge TWS+ consists of four non-linear wave shapers. Via switches, several sections can be daisy-chained. A two-stage stereo configuration is possible as well. The module’s beefy, sometimes gnarly sound character makes it not only suitable for shaping simple VCO waveforms, but more complex audio material as well. Thanks to CV inputs, you can easily add movement to sounds. A tip from the manufacturer: Try processing acoustic instrument material with the module!



The four wave shapers of the TWS+ are basically identical. However, there are some differences regarding handling and modulation options. Originally, the circuits were developed to transform a saw tooth into a sine wave. When using the wave shaper potentiometers, you sometimes get the impression that you are dealing with an extremely powerful, distorting tone EQ control or a cranky low-pass filter. The front panel of the TWS+ is divided into three sections. The upper ones contain sockets and control elements for one wave shaper each:

  • Audio input
  • Wave shaper potentiometer (In)
  • Two wave shaper CV inputs, one with attenuator (VC 1 / VC 2)
  • Audio output

The third front panel area is similarly designed, but there are attenuators for both CV inputs. With the additional +1 potentiometer, you can add a second, serially wired wave shaper, so that you get a total of four processing stages. This feature did not exist in the classic Serge TWS.

Another novelty: Two link switches, which can be used to comfortably wire all four wave shapers in series. – Without any patch cables. The results are extremely crunchy. By using a different modulation signal for each wave shaper, very lively sound movements can be achieved. – A great way to create interesting bass sounds. Stereo material can be processed as well. All you have to do is link the upper sections and you get a dual-channel, two-stage configuration. One last thing: Contrary to common standards, the wave shapers are linked from bottom to top.


Per section:
Audio input and output
Two CV inputs


3U Eurorack module, 18 HP wide, 30 mm in depth
Power consumption: 20 mA at +12 V, 10 mA at -12 V

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