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The Serge Wave Multipliers (VCM) module adds harmonically-related overtones to incoming waveforms. Three processing stages are available. Each alters audio material in a different way. The results range from rather gentle sound enrichments to beefy distortion and brutish wave folding. Thanks to CV inputs, all audio processors can be modulated. - A Serge classic.



The Wave Multipliers (VCM) module consists of three separately usable processing stages. At the top of the front panel, there is a VCA-style circuit with two operating modes. While set to Hi, the processing stage squares up incoming audio material and peaks are rounded. The behavior is reminiscent of a tube amplifier. There are potentiometers for adjusting input level and gain parameters. The latter can be voltage controlled as well. In practical terms, the Hi mode is an excellent way to give audio material more presence and some rough, analog charm. When set to Lo, the circuit acts as a linear VCA. Signals are slightly thickened. Tremolo effects can be achieved using the CV input.

The middle section contains a wave folder with very hard, slightly metallic sound. Two signals can be fed to the circuit. The Fold parameter is manually adjustable. In addition, a CV input was implemented. With low fold settings, it is possible to achieve restrained results, of course. However, the circuit’s main focus is clearly on aggressive sound processing.

The bottom section of the VCM module houses a non-linear wave shaper with level compensation. Again, there are two inputs and a manually as well as voltage controllable Fold parameter. Depending on the patch, soft saturation effects, results similar to a phaser or crisp distortion can be achieved. Audio signals are emitted via two outputs. One connector offers a rather dark sound character. The other sounds bright and more present.

All CV inputs of the Wave Multipliers are equipped with attenuators. Unlike many other wave shapers and wave folders, the module can be adjusted very precisely. By combining several sections, it is possible to transform basic waveforms into highly complex sounds. An example: Send a triangle wave with low pitch to the middle section. Set the Fold potentiometer to 3 o`clock position and modulate the parameter with a slow LFO. (Preferably, use a sine or triangle wave.) Now feed the wave folders output to the upper section and modulate it with a fast LFO. (Here, a saw or ramp waveform will do nicely.) The result is a rough, constantly moving bass, usable for a variety of music genres.


Top section:
Audio input and output
CV input

Middle section:
Two audio inputs and one output
CV input

Bottom section:
Two audio inputs and outputs
CV input


3U Eurorack module, 18 HP wide, 30 mm deep
Power consumption: 20 mA at +12 V, 10 mA at -12 V

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