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The Klasmata module by Rebel Technology contains one half of the Stoichea module but with additional voltage control of two parameters and 32 steps sequence length. Just like the Stoicheia it creates rhythmical, very musical structures from an incoming clock. Perfectly suited to trigger drum voices or just for creative sequencing.



The upper control sets the start point of a sequence and also the reset point. In mid position the sequence starts at the "one". Turning the pot makes the sequence shift forwards or backwards. The control below sets the sequence length, from 1 to 16 steps. The middle control determines the number of fills i.e. how many notes from a sequence will be played.

The sequence length and the number of fills can be modulated by control voltages, the according attenuators are the two bottom controls.
The switch is used for manual stopping and resetting the sequence, on the other hand it influences the behavoiur of the sequence:

  • In middle position the sequence is off.
  • In upper position the trigger mode is activated. The sequence will switch its output high when receiving a clock signal rising edge (low to high transition), provided the next beat in the sequence is ‘on’. When the clock signal falling edge is received (high to low transition), the output will be switched back to low (0v). This means that the output trigger signals have the same pulse width as the input clock.
  • In bottom position you activate the alternating mode. The output goes high on the first ‘on’ beat, and remains high until the next ‘on’ beat. In other words, the output toggles on every ‘on’ beat in the sequence. The up and down transitions occur on the rising edge of the input clock.

The top jack  "|←"  is used to reset the sequence to step one. Below you´ll find the socket "γ", that´s the gate sequence output. Sockets 3 and 4 are the two CV inputs (see above) and the socket at the very bottom is the clock input.

The module is protected against reverse polarity.  It requires +5V voltage to operate.


The module needs additional +5V operational voltage. Suitable +5V adaptors for operating the module can be found here.


Clock input, Gate output, reset input.
CV inputs for sequence length and number of fills


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 20mm deep

Power consumption: 15mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V and 25mA @ -5V
The module requires a +5V voltage for operation

0.15 kg
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