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Logoi is an Eurorack module specialized in processing clocks. It can divide clocks, count, add and delay them. This adds life to your clock signals, gives shuffle and swing or  totally strange rhythmical stuctures.



Logoi´s left section is responsible for dividing clocks, commonly called a clock divider. It´s divisor "n" can be set manually or voltage controlled from 1-32.

The right section is busy adding clocks by the addend "m" that can be set manually and /or with voltages. It can either add clocks or delay them, depending on the switch position (see below).

Each section has a dedicated clock input and clock output. Clock from left section is normalized to the right section. There is also a combined output for divisor "n" and addend "m", reading out both sections simultaneously but it´s behaviour depends on the mode set for the right section:

  • In bottom switch position the right secion counts incoming clocks and outputs a trigger every 1-32 clocks at the direct output, depending on CV and potentiometer position. The combined output carries a combination, i.e it divides and adds at the same time. If we call the incoming clock "i", the combined output produces a trigger every i/n+m clocks. Is "m" bigger than "n", then no triggers will be generated.
  • In middle switch position the right section works as a clock delay with a delay time between 0ms and 1000ms. In this mode the combi output passes all incoming clocks, until each time the divisor triggers;  then it adds a time delay. The result is that every n-th clock is delayed by m, where m is the amount of shuffle and n is the divisor.
  • A global reset input resets both sections simultaneously. If you flip the switch to top position you can do a manual reset.


    The module needs additional +5V operational voltage. Suitable +5V adaptors for operating the module can be found here.


    divider section: Clock input, divider output, CV input with attenuator
    addition section: Clock input, addition output, CV input with attenuator
    global reset input, combined clock output


    3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, less than 30mm deep.
    Current draw: 15mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V and 25mA @+5V

    0.15 kg
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