Retro Mechanical Labs - Electron Fuzz Custom CV (Euro pedal)


For hard-boiled musicians only! – The Electron Fuzz Custom CV, in short EFCCV, is a powerful, creatively usable effect pedal for synthesizers, drum-computers and modular systems. With the module, you can also connect guitars directly. The circuit dishes out fierce distortion, which can be shaped in an almost abstract way via chaotic tone controls and a feedback section. In addition to crisp fuzz effects, sound colorations similar to modulation effects or a bit crusher can be achieved. CV inputs not only allow you to rhythmically increase or decrease the amount of distortion, but also to create a multitude of surprising analog glitches.



At its core, the Electron Fuzz Custom CV is a classic distortion unit. The degree of signal processing is determined by the input level and an unlabeled volume attenuator. The fuzz circuit can be quickly removed from the signal path using a true-bypass switch. In addition, there is a dry / wet potentiometer, here called Bleed Out. Using the cut switch, you can reduce the low frequency content of incoming audio material. The Distortion Out knob is a final volume control.

An important feature of the EFCCV is the tone controls Hurt (high pass) and Pain (low pass). They are connected to dedicated gain stages, thus influencing not only the frequency spectrum, but also the degree of distortion and therefore the sound character. Sometimes, turning these potentiometers can have chaotic consequences.

For further sound coloration, there is a feedback section. A high setting of the corresponding potentiometer leads the EFCCV into self-oscillation. Below, there are sound alterations reminiscent of bit crushers and modulation effects to be discovered.

With the X1000 switch, you can activate two additional gain stages. Calling the results brute is almost an understatement.

Audio input and output are tailored to be used with line or modular level signals. However, in contrast to the Euro pedal, it is possible to directly connect a guitar as well. Furthermore, there is a EFC direct out with lower volume. The parameters Hurt, Pain, Feedback and Distortion Out can be voltage controlled. All CV inputs accept signals in the range of 0 V to +5 V.


Audio input and output
EFC direct out
Four CV inputs


3U Eurorack module, 28 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases
Power consumption: 82 mA at +12 V and 7 ma at -12 V

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