Retro Mechanical Labs - Hyde EFCCV Combo


The Hyde EFCCV Combo is composed of the Hyde Distortion Filter, a beefy diode ladder filter and the Electron Fuzz Custom CV, a crunchy distortion circuit with CV inputs.


The Hyde Distortion Filter and the Electron Fuzz Custom CV together in one beautifully hand crafted box.


The Hyde Distortion Filter is one half of the famous Jekyll n Hyde box but with some enhancements:

  • Filter CV
  • Inverted Filter CV
  • Resonance CV
  • Hi Pass CV
  • Midrange Boost CV
  • Distortion circuit bypass

The Electron Fuzz Custom is a high gain distortion that sounds exceptionally good with synths and drum machines.

The HDF sounds very good going into the Electron Fuzz Custom CV distortion offering a huge range of tone shaping possibilities. You can also run the EFCcv into the Hyde DF. There is no wrong way to use it. They also operate as two individual pedals.

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