Retro Mechanical Labs - Jekyll n Hyde Dual Filter Box


Jekyll N Hide is a dual distortion and filter box with a very distinctive sound. The first audio channel appears to be rather clean and voluminous, thanks to a restrained drive circuit and a transistor-ladder-circuit. In the second channel, you'll find a more powerful distortion and a crisp diode-ladder filter. On top of that, both audio paths feature overdrive and germanium clipping stages as well as an LFO. All in all, Jekyll N Hyde has a beefy, wonderfully musical sound. – Even with high distortion levels. By combining both channels, you can create great stereo effects.


At first glance, the two channels of the Jekyll N Hyde are identical. Right behind the inputs, you’ll find drive stages, followed by resonant low-pass filters, another set of drive circuits and clipping sections. The LFOs are adjustable in speed and modulation depth. They can be quickly (de)activated via switches. The LFOs influence the filter cutoff frequencies. CV inputs allow you to use external modulators as well.

In use, differences between the two audio channels become apparent very quickly. While Jekyll (channel 1) has a smooth sounding drive stage and offers a filter with classic transistor ladder character, Hyde (channel 2) features a drive circuit with significantly more distortion and typical diode ladder facets.

As the inputs of both channels are normalized, stereo effects can be easily achieved by feeding only one mono signal to the Jekyll N Hyde. The connection can be broken via a switch.

Jekyll N Hyde was designed to be used with synthesizers, drum computers and studio equipment.


Manufacturer and color of the VU meter vary, as shown on the pictures.

A 18 V DC power supply is included. (Polarity: Tip = Minus / Ring = Plus)
150 mA are drawn from the power supply.


Per filter channel:
Audio input and output
Cutoff CV input

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