Retro Mechanical Labs - Mig Fuzz


In need of an angry Fuzz effect? - Retro Mechanical Labs has just the thing for you! This FX pedal is based around a NOS Soviet capacitor. This give it a very authentic and unique character. It uses also two special wire wound thimble resistors in the the input and output paths. Thanks to old stock antique VU meters, it looks and feel very vintage but delivers a modern sound!


The newly redesigned Mig Fuzz is a classic 4 stage cascading amplifier distortion circuit with two new modifications.

In the parallel mix circuit, the clean gain stage is now adjustable. Furthermore, diode clipping was added and can be controlled thanks to a potentiometer.  

This adds more tonal possibilities to an already versatile pallet of sounds.


The Mig Fuzz is powered by a 9V DC wall wart. (Included in delivery.) Polarity: Ring = Plus / Tip = Minus.

Audio input, audio output
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