Robaux - SWT16+


Looking for a sequencer able to trigger all your drum voices, envelopes and modulation sources? The Robaux SWT16+ is the perfect control center for rhythmic creation! It is a 16-track trigger sequencer with up to 64 steps per track. Thanks to the improved menu navigation, the module is very intuitive. The Sweet Sixteen Plus is packed with features, from euclidean to random pattern generation, polyrhythmic, and 128 memory-slots for later recall. The module provides everything you need for a great performance, even crazy flashing buttons!



The Robaux SWT16+ is a 16-track trigger sequencer with up to 64 steps per track. Despite its small size, it is very well feature-packed and easy to use thanks to 28 backlight silicon button pads.

It features sixteen modes divided into four distinct areas: Create, Perform, Track Settings and Sequencer Settings.

The sequencer can be clocked internally or follow an external clock.


The Sweet Sixteen Plus provides four ways to create patterns:

-step programming like on a classic TR machine

-record function for tapping in the rhythm

-euclidean step distribution

-random pattern generation


Each track can have a different length, from 1 to 64 steps, allowing to create polyrhythmic elements.

It is possible to save up to eight different patterns per preset. Sixteen presets are available, giving a total of 128 memory slots for saving patterns.

The module is performance oriented and features many controls and tools like mute, fill, direction or shift for each track, accessible right from the illuminated buttons.


16 gate outputs
Clock input
Reset input


3U Eurorack module, 20 HP wide, 35 mm in depth
Power consumption: 100 mA at +12 V

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