Rossum Electro-Music - Linnaeus


Linnaeus is a stereo state variable filter with Thru Zero capability.




  • Ultra-wide frequency range, exponentially voltage-controllable from sub-audio to ultrasonic via precise 1V/OCT and attenuverted CV inputs.
  • Thru-zero linear frequency modulation via an internal modulation oscillator and/or an external linear FM input.
  • Variable linear modulation index, voltage-controllable via an attenuverted CV input.
  • Resonance (Q) exponentially voltage-controllable from 0dB to greater than 60dB via 6dB/V and attenuverted CV inputs.
  • Continuously variable response characteristics independently selectable for each of the two channels via individual Enable controls. Characteristics include Lowpass (12db/oct and 6db/oct), Bandpass, Highpass (12db/oct and 6db/oct), Notch, and Low and High Shelving.
  • Voltage control of response characteristics via an attenuverted CV input. Individual Enable controls let you independently enable or disable CV control of response for each channel.
  • An integrated modulation oscillator with continuously variable waveform from Off through Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth and Square. Its frequency can be exponentially voltage controlled via an attenuverted CV input.
  • A Track control that lets the modulation oscillator precisely track the filter’s exponential frequency.
  • Stereo inputs and outputs. LINNAEUS can process a stereo signal or two independent mono signals. While the two channels share the filter’s cutoff/resonant frequency, the filter response characteristics can be independently controlled for each channel.
Stereo audio input L+R
Stereo audio output L+R
CV inputs: 1V/oct, 6db/V, EXT LIN, VCF Freq, Q, Index, VCO Freq, Response

3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide
Powerconsumption: 140mA +12V, 25mA -12V

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