Sequentix Cirklon with CV- I/O option


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The Sequentix P3 has already shown to the world how a really good hardware step-sequencer can look like. Single patterns can not only to play  instruments but also influence other patterns or global parameters. The successor Cirklon pursues those idea even more: features, operation and workflow outshine everything else. An extraordinary sequencer.

This here is the version with integrated CV In/Out option (see below).


The Cirklon offers 32 tracks with pattern up to 256 steps length. Besides the step sequencer mode you can create patterns with arbitrary length in an event list mode or a drum grid mode.

In step sequencer mode following parameters are saved within one pattern: note number, velocity, note length, delay, gate, tie, skip as well as 4 so-called Aux Events. Those are by default control changes. If 4 CCs are not enough then you can use other tracks of course.
Aux Events also allow for creating dynamic, self-modifying patterns. They can "pick up" values from other events, add randomness and probability, change track parameters and even global parameters and so on...

The unit is operated with 19 encoders with push-function, 35 rugged keys with integrated LEDs, 35 more three-color LEDs and a 240x64 big display. Creating sequences can be done with encoders and step buttons, by (non)quantized recording from a master keyboard or jam-like by turning the A and B pots in the "sculpt mode".

Further featues: common editing of several nores and values. Copying, transposing and rotating the sequence. For each step you can set different step lengths and measures. Patterns can be played back forward, backward, alternating, penudulum style or in different random modes.

From song to scene, from tracks to patterns even to the MIDI outputs: you can name everything clearly! No cryptic naming of patterns or tracks. Even months later you see which track contains which pattern.

The version offered here has an in-buit CV In/Out-Option that enables the Cirklon to send control voltages and gates or to receive CVs. To be exact it´s 25-pin plug carries 16 CV-outputs and 8 Gate inputs (that can be reprogrammed to be up to 8 CV inputs for controlling the cirklon)
This multipin plug is to be connected to one of the several breakout boxes available (rack or desktop units, with 3.5mm or 6.35mm sockets or even as an Eurorack module) or to a self-built breakout box in your desired format and with your desired connectors.


With the input & output expansion board installed you have to choose between a number of breakout boxes for expanding the Cirklon with 16 CV outputs and 8 gate outputs (CV inputs). No matter if 1V/octave ot 1Hz/Volt, normal gate or S-trigger, everything can be configured. Fine adjustment of the output voltages make it easy to drive a VCO that is tracking badly. The Cirklon turns from a MIDI/CV-sequencer to a luxury MIDI/CV-interface.


5x MIDI-In and Out; 1x DIN-Sync output;  USB connector (type B)

input for external power supply (supplied with the unit)

Multipin connector for the breakout box


19", 3U unit.

Can be used in the rack or as a desktop unit, see this conversion tutorial video.

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