Sherman Dual Filterbank 2


Two identical Sherman Filterbank 2 units in a flat 19" case that can be used for desktop-playing around flat on a table too. All in- and outputs are located at the front panel what makes you simply interconnecting both units and/or connecting the components with your other desktop instruments or whatever. As it is also in the single rackversion both LFOs have an Oscillator output here. With link in- and output switches the two separate filters can be connected to be controlled simultaneosly.


NEW since May 2016 is a noise generator and feedback loop which is activated only when no jack plugged in the input

  • both outputs plugged: pure noise
  • only Main Output plugged: noise & feedback
  • only Out1 plugged: feedback through filter 2


per Filterbank unit:
MIDI In/Out, 3x Thru
Main out, out1 (Filter1)
Trigger AR, AM In, ADSR Out and Trigger In, Link In/Out, FM In, Sig. In, Pedal In

19" rack
7.0 kg
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