Sidsonic Libraries - Circus Circuit bending library


A very wicked virtual instrument based on the NI Kontakt Player, including multi-samples of 14 different units that were modified by the use of circuit bending. Instruments, drum machines and child´s educational toys with speech output like Roland TR-505, Korg DDD5, Casio SK-1, TexasInstruments Speakand Spell were circuit bent. The result ranges from very wild digital sounds with lots of artifacts over chaotic lo-fi sounds to brute digital distortion.


The Circus Circuit is split into two sound modules:

  • Drum module with five instrument groups. Bass drum, snare drum, tom toms, cymbal and percussion. Each of the groups works with granular synthesis and has seven freely configurable filters (24- and 36dB low passes, Pro53 low pass, 24dB band pass, 12- and 24dB high passes, a voveler) and three FX inserts (saturation, 1-band EQ and distortion)
  • The synthesizer module also works with granular synthesis and has the same filters as the drum section, yet the effects in the send-FX are different: a saturator, skreamer, 2 band EQ and a stereo modeler.

Beyond this each sound module has global send effects like convolution reverb and modulation efffects as well as more filters in the amplifier section, two ADHSR envelopes with four destinations and two synchable LFOs. The Kontakt Player makes further sound adjustment and modification possible.

The Circus Circuit bending library contains 180 multisample sets with more than 5GB and is fully playable with three velocity zones. It is easy to install, runs on Mac and Windows, either as a stand-alone instrument or as a AU-, VST- or RTAS-Plug-In.


Zum Benutzen des Circus Circuit benötigst du den kostenlosen NI Kontakt Player, den es HIER zum Herunterladen gibt.

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