Snazzy FX - ArdCore expander


This module expands the Snazzy FX Ardcore's functionality and allows you to take advantage of new programs like clock and trigger tools. It adds buffered gate/trigger outs, audio/CV inputs and two sockets as direct outputs of two pins of the Arduino chip.



Basically you can add all the power of triggers, gates, clock dividers and multipliers as well as experimetal gate programs to the ArdCore. At the same time Snazzy FX releases new programs, specially desigend tr the expander.

bits 0-7: Eight buffered gate/trigger outputs with LEDs and an amplitude of +12V
A4 und A5: Two analog inputs with attenautors for injecting bipolar CVs or audio signals.
11 und 13 Two RC filtered audio outputs that are driven directly from Arduino chip's pit 11 and 13. You can now use either the digital/analog converter, pin 11, pin 13 or any combination.
A reset button allws for easy selection of individual sketches within one of the "Compound Multi-Sketches".


eight gate/trigger outputs, two analog inputs, two DAC outputs


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 24mm deep

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