Snazzy FX – ArdCore


The ArdCore can be everything! It is a programmable module based on the popular open source microcontroller Arduino. With the Arduino chipset the ArdCore module has a flexible architecture, is very versatile and can become many things, depending on the programs you can upload via the USB port.



Das ArdCore is very versatile as there´s umpteen free programs to download. You will find programs like quantizer, BitCrusher, a nice arpeggiator, CV recorder, LFOs, sequencers, arpeggiators, gate and trigger delays, multi stage envelope, logic functions, drunken walk and drunken note generators, clock dividers, shift register and even a drum player. If oyu have programming skills you might want to write your own programs. A program remains saved in the ArdCore until loading new programm will overwrite it.

Besides two analog inputs for signals that are to be processed by the ArdCore there also are several outputs for analog and digital signals. Parameters are set by the four potentiometers.


USB port, two analog inputs, clock input, two digital outputs (for trigger and gate), two analog outputs (from the D/A converter)


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 24mm deep

0.103 kg
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