Snazzy FX - Chaos Brother


A common LFO? There's much more in it and that is controllable Chaos, Brother! Two happily bubbling modulation outputs plus a smoothed output and in addition an output spitting out arbitrary gates.



Speed sets the modulation rate, Chaos blends in chaos (what else), in zero position the module acts as a pretty conventional LFO but that's not the issue here so please make sure to crank up the Chaos control or modulate it via the Chaos-CV input.
Two outputs, X and Y, spit out the chaotic CV in two different flavors, in addition there's a Smooth output, providing you with a slewed version of the CV. The slew rate can be set with a potentiometer. A bi-color LED visualizes the chaos.
Finally: the Chaos Brother can generate arbitrary gate signals with the according potentiometer controlling the gate quantity and inensity, displayed with a green LED.


one CV input.
X out, Y out, smooth out, gate out


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide, 24mm deep

0.087 kg
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