SND fixed Filterbank FB-14 mono


The FB 14 is a high end filter bank executed in discrete circuit technology.
It is a 14 band equalizer with optimized expanded control areas. That means that not only sound corrections and drastic surgery are possible but also impressive enhancements to your sound material. The control area per frequency band is circa 20 dB, and unusual but musically sense making is the order of filter frequencies in fifth intervals.
The FB 14 is a noble speciality due to its classic class a switching technique; circuitry that has been made by Mr Niessen himself with the upper most precision. Four transistors are located in the signal path, two of them are germanium-types with tube like overdriving characteristics. The sound quality of the FB 14 is in no way inferior to its technical qualities and impress deeply in every aspect: Average kick drums become beautifully intense and well rounded; static drone sounds turn into expansive sound landscapes; and nearly every kind of processed sound material glows with an expensive silkyness. Almost with an added definition and clarity that touches the heights one aims to achieve in the mastering studio. Not only does it blend perfectly into every mix, it adds a touch of class to the sound. Incredible is also the use of frequency selective distortion?s with extreme setting possibilities. Even the most brutally distorted drum loops will not be mashed, but always sound nicely overdriven as well as being superbly eq?d.



14 Bands with frequencies 35, 65, 105, 160, 240, 360, 540, 800, 1200, 1800, 2700, 4000, 7000 and 12000 Hz (Fith Intervals) / pro Band a 2-Pole filter with control area /-20dB(!), Q-Factor around 0,7 at /-10dB and 6 at /-20dB / Pegel Regulator in Input- and Output / Input Amplification Adjustable between /-20dB. Bypass switch on the front side.


6,3mm Monoklinkenbuchsen fuer Audio Ein- und Ausgang / Anschluss fuer externes Steckernetzteil.


19“, 1 HE, Einbautiefe 58 mm

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