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Gateway to the analog world – The Manta Mate translates MIDI data into analog control voltages. Signals are fed to the module via USB A and USB B ports. For emitting control voltages, there are four outputs featuring high-resolution 16-bit converters and eight 12-bit channels. The Mate was developed to be used with the multi-touch controller Manta. However, it works with lots of other MIDI and HID devices as well. Besides its converters, the module offers an arpeggiator and several monophonic / polyphonic modes plus microtonal scales. Additionally, a team composed of Manta and Manta Mate can be used as a two-channel sequencer with up to 32 steps.



The Manta Mate acts as an embedded USB host, meaning it can be used with a multitude of MIDI controllers and even HID devices like joysticks or gamepads. Connecting a computer to control the outputs with a DAW is possible as well. The module offers twelve CV outputs, which can be configured in several ways. Four of them come equipped with 16-bit converters. The other channels feature 12-bit converters. The Manta Mate can be utilized as a monophonic or up to four-voice polyphonic MIDI-CV interface. Besides notes, the module is able to translate velocity values and / or continuous control data. Microtonal options allow users to play outside the equal-tempered scale. The Mate’s arpeggiator can be synchronized to external equipment via a clock input. The same applies for the sequencer mode. It is tailormade for the Manta controller and transforms the setup into a composition tool with two tracks. Each channel features up to 32 steps, multiple patterns and shift functions. Finalized configurations and sequences can be stored inside the Manta Mate.


USB-A port
USB-B port
Twelve control voltage outputs
Clock input


3U Eurorack module, 12 HP wide, 35 mm in depth
Power consumption: 380 mA at +12 V, 70 mA at -12 V and 70 mA at +5 V

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