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Luxury controller for computers and modular systems – The Manta comes equipped with 48 touch sensors, arranged in a hexagonal array. The control elements not just react to body contact, but also evaluate how much surface area a finger is covering. Bicolor background lighting visualizes the status of each sensor. Besides notes and velocity values, the controls also generate MIDI CC data. Additionally to its hexagonal array, the Manta offers two touch sliders and four "buttons". The controller is connected to a computer via USB. For using the Manta with analog equipment, a Manta Mate is required, which is not included.


The Manta features a compact, wooden case. Its 48 touch sensors are arranged in a hexagonal matrix with 6 x 8 zones. Each control element sends MIDI notes, velocity values and CC data. The background lighting is composed of an amber and a red LED per sensor. Sliders and “buttons” come equipped with light-emitting diodes as well. Alternatively to being used as a multi-touch controller, it is possible to employ the Manta as one large X/Y field. For connecting the device to a computer, an USB port was implemented. Operating systems recognize the Manta as a Human Interface Device (HID). Its latencies amount to approximately six milliseconds. The background lightning is controllable via the computer.

Modular systems and other analog equipment can be connected to the Manta via the Manta Mate. (Sold separately) The module converts incoming MIDI data into control voltages. A total of twelve signals are emitted by the circuit. Together, Manta and Mate can be used, for instance, as a two-channel sequencer or a polyphonic hexagonal keyboard featuring up to four voices and microtonal scales.

The Manta is powered via USB.

USB port

30 x 25 x 2 centimeters
0.5 kg
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