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ETHER is the latest strike from Soma, the Russian "romantic engineering" synthesizer manufacturer. After the LYRA Drone-Box, the PIPE Blowing-Synth and the PULSAR Drum-System, now to something completely different.again! ETHER is an Anti-Radio. It receives all electromagnetic radiation that surrounds us. All at once! From Hertz to Giga-Hertz range! You can go on a voyage of discovery into the land of waves. You can navigate by alignment and depending on what you use as an antenna. This can also be your own body...


As said: ETHER is an Anti-Radio. A radio is set to a specific frequency. All other bands are blended out. The antenna only has to be roughly aligned.

ETHER works exactly the other way round: It receives everything: from 50/60Hz humming to computer clock. You will hear most of it for the first time. By aligning the device and experimenting with the antenna pin, you can in a way limit what you receive.

ETHER is not an inductive Sniffer,  which are quite often used within the electroacoustic and DIY scene and are used to convert elektromagnetic waves directly to a speaker. They usually need just of a coil and a low-frequency amplifier for operation. ETHER, on the other hand, also contains "classic" radio circuits, such as a demodulator to translate also high frequency singlas far above hearing. Still ETHER is also receptive to very low frequency signals, although it does not have the directional sensitivity of Sniffers.

With ETHER, SOMA pursues the approach of providing a maximum user-friendly, high-quality and innovative product.

The stable shell ensures durability for taking it on the road. It is battery operated with exceptionally low power consumption. There is also a headphone/audio output, a volume control and an antenna pin. Whatever is in contact with this pin and if it is conductive, will become an antenna: door handles, kitchen tools, waterpipes, your own body...fruits and vegetables!?!

Just like the other circuits from SOMA, ETHER is a manifesto designed to open up new worlds. In its simplicity it is immediately understandable and invites EVERYONE to join in on the exploration of the unknown world of EM waves.

Please note: The photo shows a prototype. The finalized version of Ether will come with a different casing.
Audio/Headphone Output
Antenna Pin
Height: 105mm, Width: 65mm, Depth. 20mm
0.2 kg
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