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Always wanted to sing like a synthesizer? The Pipe from Soma Laboratory is a new kind of electronic handheld instrument, using the voice and breath to control a synthesizer and a dynamic FX processor. Through the Pipe, the voice can become a beat, a lead or a soundscape. It provides unprecedented levels of vocal processing and it expands the traditional boundaries of singing. Thanks to twelve different algorithms, it offers a wide variety of sounds and textures especially developed for use with the mic.



The Pipe consists of a handheld device and a small break-out box with L and R output jacks (1/4 inch). Both parts are connected by a single cable which transmits the output channels and DC power.

But, what is The Pipe? It is a voice and breath controlled dynamic FX processor and synthesizer. It uses a special contact vocal mic with a regular 6,3mm jack. This allows connecting the microphone to an extension cord, putting it on a mic stand or placing it inside of an acoustic instrument. Additionally, an alternative microphone or an external signal, replacing the original contact mic can be used.

The Pipe provides three manually controllable parameters for synthesis and processing, an algorithm selector and a volume potentiometer. Furthermore, there are two touch sensors on the top of the Pipe, for activating the internal microphone and the FX processing.

Thanks to various algorithms, the instrument can transform your voice or breath into a great variety of sounds, from drones, noise textures, percussive sounds to lush lead tones.

The Pipe features twelve different algorithms:

  • BASSDRUM (three versions)

The Pipe can be attached to a stand with the help of standard M4 screws, leaving both hands free.

Optionally, there are different microphones which are easily exchangeable  :


Stereo audio output
Input for external power supply

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