Soundmachines - FMJ3 Skiff


Very solid, 3U high and 84HP wide Skiff case made of metal. It has an integrated 20W power supply and accepts modules with a maximal depth of 45mm



84HP space for Eurorack modules with a maximal depth of 45mm are offered by Soundmachine's "FMJ3" Skiff case.
The housing is made of folded metal and is very sturdy for that reason.

The Skiff's powered bus board with twelve module connectors gives you 20W, which equals 850mA at both -12V and +12V rail. An external power supply with 12-24V DC secondary voltage must be purchased separately. Polarity: Tip = positive (+) / Ring negative (-).

On the bottom the FMJ3 case has mounting holes for flatscreen monitor/TV mounts (VESA standard MIX-D with 100mm hole spacing). This way you can bolt the Skiff to the wall or, used with a desktop mount, hover it above your work surface. Very clever idea.


inlet for external power supply


outer dimensions: 445 x 154 x 84 mm (W x D x H)
internal width: 84HP
maximum depth for modules: 45mm

1.5 kg
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