Soundmachines - LP1 lightplane


Capacitative control surface that not only translates three-dimensional movements of your finger (X and Y axis and "pressure") into three CVs and a gate but also records them and plays them back in a loop.
Options like several operation modes with different recording lengths, start and stop of recording via gates, selectable output voltages and orientation of the module allow you to adapt the LP1 to your needs.



The basic function of the LIVE mode is pretty clear: move your finger on the control surface's X and Y axes and generate Cs at the according outputs. The amount of skin touching the surface is sensed as well and can be considered a pressure sensor generating a CV at the Z output. A gate is emitted as well. As soon as you let the finger go, all values jump back to zero.

In HOLD mode the module operates pretty much the same way but the values are being held. Hint: in order to keep the Z voltage high, remove the finger very fast fro mthe surface. In hold mode the gate is constantly on.
For activating hold mode press the "mode" button but do not touch the big surface.

REC mode: finger movements on the touch surface can be recorded and played back in two quality modes:
- In high quality mode (setting when powering up) the LP1 works in finer 15ms resolution, but records X and Y axis only.
- In standard mode all three axes can be recorded but only with a resolution of 30ms. Press REC and MODE until all LEDs flash.
To record press REC button as long as you wish to record movements. When letting the button go, or after end of recording time of 4.5s the recording is played back and looped instantly. When recording the LED will flash fast and when playing back it flashes slowly.
End playback manually by pressing the mode button. Press it again to start the playback from the beginning. for leaving REC mode, press rec button again.
In is possible to start playback by sending a gate which allows for synchronizing the LP1, see below.

It's possible to select with jumpers between different options:
- output voltage: 0-5V* or 0-10V, individually selectable per axis.
- orientation of the module: sockets at the bottom* or on top? Set the jumper so zero stays on bottom, even if the module's upside down.
- function of gate socket: as output* it will emit gate signals. As input you can start playback with a gate.
* = factory setting


The gate socket used as an input accepts gates to +5V level. It is protected against overvoltages but the LP1 may malfunction out of his nominal range. It is strongly advised not to exceed the rated voltage.


CV outputs for X axis, Y axis and Z axis. Gate socket (input or output)


3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide, 19mm deep
current draw max. 210mA @ +12V (with all LEDs lit) and 8mA @ -12V

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