Soundmachines - LS1 lightstrip


Capactive slider that generates control voltage and a gate along with the movement of your finger on the surface. It can even record movements for 8 seconds and play them back in a loop.



In LIVE mode the module outputs movements and position of your finger in realtime - as soon as you remove the finger the voltage drops back to zero. Press the rec/mode button once and activate the HOLD mode in which the value generated by your is being held when you let go.

If your finger is already on the touchpad, press the button now to enter the REC mode. now the module record movements until you press rec button again (or when 8 seconds are over) and plays back the material in a loop. For ceasing playback press the rec button once.
When recording the button's LED will flash fast and slower when playing back. The LEDs on the touch pad follow your movements.

options: per jumper you can set some features:
- CV range: 0-5V or 9-10V
- orientation of the module i.e. if the sckets are on top or at the bottom. Inverts the zero point of the module.
- record mode: gate socket an be used as an input, taking over the rec button functionality. The module records as long as the gate is high (+5V, max. 8 seconds) and plays back when the gate is low. This allows for synchronising the recording in a sense. In live and hold mode the input has no function.


CV output, gate output


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 30mm deep
current draw: max. 100mA @ +12V and max. 7mA @ -12V

0.1 kg
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