Soundmachines - Modulör114


The Modulör114 Eurorack analog modular synthesizer is a product designed as a complete and powerful unit. An entry ticket to the modular world for someone, a treasure trove of sounds for others, the instrument features around 25 functions, including such like a ribbon controller, quantizer logic gates, digital FX, manual trigger buttons and USB/MIDI (device and host!).



The USB-MIDI to CV interface is rich in functions providing you not only with pitch CV and gate but also a 16th clock, the value of the modwheel and two controllers (#30 and #31). Two more controllers are used to process CVs: CC#33 controls an attenuator and CC#33 a slew limiter.
Not less than two USB sockets are available which are used alternatively as Device or as Host. Besides that the Modulör114 can be powered via USB.

Notweorthy is the red SYNTH! button which, once pressed, internally connects all sockets highlighted in red, turning the instrument instantly into a monophonic synthesizer without patching cables. Anyway the normalizations are pretty handy, saving patch cords.

There are two VCOs: the first is fully equipped with four wave forms, a sub oscillator, PWM and Sync; the other is simple having two wave forms only but it can be used as a voltage controllable LFO.
The pitch CV can be quantized to one of eight scales using a selective quantizer circuit.
The outputs of the VCOs are normalized to two of the three inputs of the controllable mixer MIX 1.
The filer has two audio inputs, two CV inputs and offer two filter types: low pass and band pass.
The envelope is a loop-able ADSR. Two gate inputs, selectable time ranges and two outputs are available.
The VCA has two signal inputs, one signal output and a CV input.

Threre is no lack in useful helpers: three attenuators, a slew limiter, an output section, a simple LFO, two mixers without controls, two multiples and a sample & hold. In addition to that the section at the very right features a clock divider, four logic gates (NOT, NAND, AND, OR) and two button controlled manual gate generators.

Really nice is the short ribbon controller which produces CV and gate and offers a CV hold function.
Soundmachines also though about an effect secion - it is based around a 24 bit DSP and offers two voltage controlled parameters per effect as well as tap tempo respective a tempo input. There are 16 effects, from tempo-synchronized delays and other modulation effects over a chorus to six different reverb algorithms.


12V power socket, USB host socket, USB device socket
Many 3.5mm sockets for audio signals, control voltages and gate signals.


approx. 440 x 140 x 70mm (W x D x H)

2.5 kg
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