Sound Study Modular - MIDI 2 CV


As a clone of the open source project CV PAL by Mutable Instruments the Midi 2 CV is in first line fast as lightning, at least with certain computer operating systems. It offers various modes of operation, a range of four octaves and a resolution of less than 2 mV. It connects and is supplied with power via USB only.



The MIDI 2 CV offers folowing modes which address its four outputs in different ways:

  • Monophonic with velocity
  • Monophonic with velocity and square oscillator
  • Dual monophonic
  • Duophonic
  • CC conversion
  • Monophonic with CC
  • Quad triggers
  • Quad gates
  • Monophonic with MIDI clock output


The Midi 2 CV is class-compliant but uses an unusual USB setting (1ms poll-rate in low-speed mode) not well supported on Windows.
Optimal latency is obtained with OS X >= 10.6.3 ; iOS ; or Linux >= 2.6.
On other systems, the Midi 2 CV will work but messages will be delayed by up to 8ms.


USB connector, 2 CV outputs, 2 gate outputs


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide
USB-bus powered, current draw: <20mA

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