Sputnik Modular - CV Processor


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The CV professor attenuates, crossfades and sums signals. And on two independent channels he can amplify signals up to the factor 2.



In the upper part we find three signal inputs: the first has an attenuator, between the second and the third can be cross-faded, which you can handle with the potentimeter and with a CV.
Centrally placed in the output section there is an offset control, generating a voltage from 0V to +5V.
The three input signals are summed with the offset voltage and are output at the SUM socket.

At the bottom two individual amplifiers are located and their controls allow you to set the amplification factor between 1 and 2.


3x signal input, 1x crossfade CV input, Sum output
per amplifier: 1x input, 1x output


3U Eurorack module, 10HP wide
The module requires +5V to operate

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