Sputnik Modular - Dual Oscillator


The Dual Oscillator module is Sputnik's interpretation of a buchlidian complex analog oscillator consisting of two generators: a modulation oscllator with standard waveforms which can be used for itself alone but is primarily intended for modulating the main oscillator's parameters. Latter has, besides an adjustable sync, a plethora of possibilities for altering the harmonic spectrum like targeted emphasis of overtones and a wave multiplier. On the whole it's a soundwise wide-band oscillator having a distinct sound.



Both oscillators have following in common: audio frequency range of 27.5Hz to 7kHz, an 1/Voctave input for tonal play, scalable CV and FM inputs as well as coarse and fine frequency controls.

The left VCO, alias the modulation oscillator, can be set into LFO mode with a switch. Available, alternatively available waveforms are triangle, sawtooth and square which are available alternatively at the Select output; the triangle has an individual output in addition. The VCO an be synchronized to the second one by flicking the sync switch. An unipolar CV output is avilable, too.
In the modulation section you determine how strong the first VCO modulates the second one - the modulation intensity is set with a control an by a CV. You can select amplitude, frequency or the timbre parameter (see below) as modulation destinations.

The right VCO, alias the main oscillator, offers a sync input with adjustable sync strength. The basic waveforms sine and square are available at individual outputs, additionally there's the final output which emits the signal which has been processed by the Harmonics and Timbre section.

The Harmonics section features two voltage controllable parameter: "symmetry", setting the relation between even and odd harmonics and "order" which emphasizes low or high order harmonics.
The Timbre section is a voltage controllable wave multiplier which processes the sine wave by clippig and folding, producing a rich metallic sound.


generator 1: 1V/octave, frequency CV, FM
modulation section: modulation intensity CV
generator 2: 1V/octave, frequency CV, FM, sync
harmonics: symmetry CV, order CV
timbre: intensity CV

generator 1: triangle, selected waveform, CV out
generator 2: sine, square, final


3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide
module requires +5V and has two power cables.

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