Sputnik Modular - Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller


The Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller is a touch keyboard which exceeds the capabilities of other units available so far. It has 29 semitone quantized touchpads in a classic keyboard layout with an octave switch and pressure sensor plus a separate ribbon controller. It can be used in a monophonic or in a maximum four-voice polyphonic mode and even features an arpeggiator. Latter has an internal tempo generator but of course can be synchronized to an external clock.



The touch plate keyboard has 29 keys and interprets the finger pressure by measuring how much skin has contact with the plates. An octave switch transposes the keyboard one or two octaves up.

The touch keyboard features two modes of operation: monophonic/arpeggiator or polyphonic.

  • In monophonic mode the keyboard reacts to one note only (or several when the arpeggiator is activated, see below). The generated note voltage and gate are output in the MONO OUT section, as is the pressure.
    The outputs in the POLY OUT section emit transposed copies of the keyboard CV: CV2 transposes up by two semitones, CV3 by four semitones and CV4 by seven semitones
  • In polyphonic mode the VOICES switch determines the number of maximum voices: two voice, three voice or four voice polyphony. The CV/gate sockets 2-4 output the notes in the order they were played.
  • Special features in the POLY OUT section:

    • Gate 2-4:
      • In monophonic mode the outputs give the same gate signal as Gate 1.
      • In arpeggiator mode these outputs work as clock dividers for both internal or external clock.:
        Gate 2: half tempo, Gate 3: one third of the tempo, Gate 4: one quarter tempo.
    • All Pulses:
      • In monophonic and polyphonic modes this socket always plays a pulse whenever a key is touched.
      • In arpeggiator mode it's a clock divider with divisor 16

    The arpeggiator has three modes of operation:

    • Off
    • synchronized to the external clock patched to the Trigger intput.
    • synchronized to the internal clock generator, which tempo is set with the Time control.
    Beyond this you can set the direction of the arpeggio: up, down or random.
    When the Hold mode (left of the keyboard) is activated, the current arpeggio will be held. To change the arpeggio, just play new keys and press Hold again. To exit this mode let go all keys and press Hold once more.

    Location Sensor: it's a ribbon controller which generates both a CV and a gate when touched.

    Jumper on the PCB allow for determining the note priority (first note or last note) and the voltage range of the CV outputs (default setting 0-5V or 0-10V).


    location sensor: CV out, gate out
    arpeggiator: trigger in
    monophonic: CV 1 out, Gate 1 out, pressure out
    polyphonic: CV 2-4 outputs, Gate 2-4 outputs, all pulses output


    3U Eurorack module, 84HP wide, 20mm deep

    current draw: 50mA @ +12V, 40mA -+5V and 40mA @ -12V
    requires a +5V operational voltage

    0.35 kg
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