Sputnik Modular - Oscillator


Phase-out module. Few in stock. Sales only as long as stock lasts.

Analog VCO, probably inspired by the Buchla 258. It features frequency modulation, two direct waveform outputs, sub oscillator and a voltage controlled waveshaper, both with individual outputs.



Pretty classic VCO with coarse and fine frequency tune controls, a 1V/octave int and a CV input with bipolar attenuator. Then there's a FM input and a voltage controlled waveshaper that blends from a sine wave to a square or to a sawtooth.
Sine and triangle waves are available at individual outputs, the waveshaped wave is available at a separate socket.
Finally the Oscillator module has a sub-oscillator which is two octave below.


Frequency: CV input, 1V/oct input, FM input
Waveshape CV input
Outs: sine, triangle, suboscillator, waveshape


3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide

0.25 kg
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