Sputnik Modular - Quad VCF/VCA


The module is a four-fold combination of lowpass filters and/or VCAs. It's functions are extended by three different mix outputs.



A channel can be used as a low pass filter, as VCA or as a combiantion of both functions. Latter corresponds to the behaviour of acoustic instruments, where increase in volume changes the harmonic spectrum.
The CV input controld the gain in a range of -120dB to +3dB

In addition to the channels' direct outputs the module contains mix outputs. ALL provides you with the mix of all four channels, ODD with the mix of channels 1+3, EVEN mixes channels 2+4.


Per VCF/VCA channel: signal input, CV input, individual output
Mix outputs for all channels, odd channels and even channels


3U Eurorack module, 18HP wide

0.25 kg
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