Sputnik Modular - Selector


Phase-out module. Few in stock. Sales only as long as stock lasts.

In a different way than other Sequential Switch modules the Selector not only switches forwards thru the inputs but alos backwards or in a random fashion. Then it has an inverted output and a step count limiter, but it does not work bi-directionally. Read: It is an "4 In / 1 Out" switch and it's not possible to use swap inputs and outputs.



A push of the blue button or a trigger at the TRIG input will cause the module to switch from one input to the next. The direction of switching can be either forward (UP), backward (DOWN) or random (RND). Select with a jumper if to use the UP mode or a pendulum mode.
The currently active input is displayed with a LED and it's signal is emitted at the outputs (normal and inverted).
Reset will put the Selector back to input 1. With the left sliding switch you can limit the number of inputs: 2, 3 or 4.

The Selector has been designed to expand analog sequencers with several rows of CVs, like Sputnik's Voltage Source modules, to jump from one to the other row in order to generate longer sequences. For this reason, and maybe also a technical (?), it is not a bi-directional switch module. It is not possible to swap input and output sockets and to switch one input thru four outputs.
Practical for the use with with sequencers is the inverted output so you can generate variations of sequences.


four inputs (A-D), one output, one inverted output
trigger input, reset input


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide
The module requires +5V to operate

0.2 kg
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