Sputnik Modular - Valve Multiplier


What has this product to do with vacuum tubes? We don't know either. But with certainty it contains a six-way multiple with VCAs, two of which have exponential curves and four have a linear characteristic. You can use this module as a buffered multiple, as six VCAs or as combinations of both.



The inputs are sequentially normalized and buffered. Each input has an individual output: channel 6 additionally has an attenuable output.

Each channel also offers a VCA function: The VCA CV inputs of channels 1&2 have an exponential characteristic, these of channels 3-6 are linear. The CV inputs are normalized to +5V so the VCA are fully open when no patchcord is inserted - otherwise the multiple function would not work.


channels 1+2: input, exponential CV input, output
channels 3-5: input, linear CV input, output
channel 6: input, linear CV input, output, attenuated output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide
The module requires +5V to operate

0.15 kg
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