Sputnik Modular - West Coast Random Source


The West Coast Random Source is a clone of the reverend mother of random, the Buchla 266 Source Of Uncertainty. It generates noise in three timbres, sample & hold, then fluctuating, quantized and stored random voltages and finally an slew limiter. It might be a large module but you won't get more random of all shades from one single module.



Fluctuating Random Voltages:
two sections that generate fluctuating random voltages. The rate of fluctuation can be controlled.

Quantized Random Voltages:
when receiving a trigger new quantized voltages are generated at the outputs. At the left out it is quantized to semitones and at the right one it is quantized to octaves.
The control or CV determines the maximal number of voltage steps which are generated. Example: with the control at value 3 the left output can generate 3+1 = 4 different voltages in octave intervals. The right output can generate one of 2³ = 8 different voltages, quantized to semitones.

Stored Random Voltages:
in this section one of 256 possible voltages is selected from when a trigger is received. At the left output the distribution is equal, i.e the possibility to be selected is the same for each of the 256 voltages. At the right output the probability is dependent on the control and CV - you can determine if rather the low, the middle or the high voltages are generated.

Noise Source:
analog pink, white and blue noise at individual outputs.

Sample & Hold:
classic S&H circuit with trigger in (pulse) and sample in (CV). The incoming pulse determines when the sample CV is analyzed and held until the next trigger.
The sockets right of the pulse input emit either the odd or the even pulse.
The S&H signal is output at three sockets: odd CV only, both odd and even voltaes, even voltages only.

nothing else than a voltage controlled slew limiter / lag generator.


Fluctuating Random Voltages (per channel): rate CV input, CV output

Quantized Random Voltages: Pulse input, CV input

Stored Random Voltages: Pulse input, CV input

Noise Source: pink, white and blue noise outs

Sample & Hold:
Pulse in, odd pulse out, even pulse out
CV in, odd CV out, even CV out

Integrator: signal in, signal out, CV in


3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide
requires an additional +5V source

0.3 kg
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